Our company story

Parking Muxu is a family business founded in 1974 in Sant Joan Despí, a small town very close to Barcelona. At that time, the number vehicles started to increase in the area of Barcelona and its surroundings, increasing at the same time the demand of big spaces to keep safe the trucks.

It all started with a huge dirt and fenced field for trucks and vans where all the drivers of the area parked their vehicles there. Then other services started: car & truck wash, basic engine maintenance and security access.

After some years placed in the center of the villa, the directors wanted to upgrade the services and increase the quality given to the customers so all the facilities were transferred to outside the town.

In the new headquarters you will find more than 16000sqm of fenced paved park area with all the services that you need to feel safe and comfortable: bigger space for lorry park, new machinery, professional security access, new and easier entrance and the adequate comforts (showers and baths) to enjoy of a secure and comfortable stay. New services have been added to the facilities to get a better experience and be more secure: public petrol station, a cafeteria and installation of security cameras CCTV.
The only reason of these improvements is to keep providing the better service to our customers, because their trust in our installations is our main reason to be.

Big storm in our truck park company in 2010 Barcelona

Big snow storm in Barcelona, 2010

New facilities for our headquarters company in Barcelona 2015

New facilities, 2015